Sustain the Campaign

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are seeking sustaining donors to support Deepan’s campaign for justice. At just $20, $30 or $40 dollars a month, you can contribute significantly to making his campaign sustainable.

The government has been relentless in its vicious pursuit of this young man. Deepan currently lives a difficult life of a stateless limbo, without access to public healthcare or any other social services. To prevent his deportation and regain his status, he must pay extensive legal costs.

Alone, Deepan could never win this battle – he would already have been silenced by the far greater resources of the state. He is very far from alone, however. And with ongoing support from all of us, he may have a fighting chance of winning.

A monthly donation will greatly help the sustainability of Deepan’s campaign. Your monthly donation will help to cover his legal bill and healthcare costs.

Deepan’s campaign is important to all of us; it affects how the rights and privileges of citizenship are defined and distributed. Please support it!

To become a sustaining donor, click on the button on the “recurring payments” button on the right side of the website.

In Solidarity,

Justice for Deepan Committee