The Plot Deepans: Budlakoti wins important concessions in long fight to regain stolen citizenship

The Leveller vol. 6.3, Nov/Dec 2013
Ajay Parasram, The Leveller
postcards front_final1The immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has significantly reduced the conditions of release for Ottawa-born Deepan Budlakoti following a rally and court appearance on Nov. 1.
“We are very glad to celebrate this small victory with Deepan,” said Lena McFarlane of the Justice for Deepan Support Committee. “However more than just removing his conditions of release, we are renewing our call for an end to his deportation order.”
Ottawa is seeking to deport Budlakoti to India, a country he has never lived in,based on misinformation about his parent’s employment status in the 1980s that are well documented in the Leveller and elsewhere.

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