‘Stateless’ man wants restrictions lifted

Corey Larocque, Ottawa Sun, 6 July 2015

An Ottawa man who claims [sic] to be stateless because Canada wants to deport him and India won’t take him, wants the feds to lift restrictions imposed on his movements.

“I can’t go nowhere, so why should I have these conditions indefinitely,” Deepan Budlakoti said in an interview.

He’ll make his case at an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing next Monday.

Budlakoti says he’s “stateless” because Canada won’t give him citizenship — despite the fact he was born here.

The government wants to deport him to India — the birthplace of his parents, but a country he’s never lived in and a country that says it won’t take him.

“There’s no case like this,” Budlakoti said.

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