‘Stateless’ Man Born in Canada Fights for Citizenship

Rachel Browne, Vice News, 29 May 2015

For the last five years, Deepan Budlakoti has fought to be accepted by the only country he has ever known.

In what is believed to be the only situation of its kind, Budlakoti has tried and failed to get Canadian citizenship, even though he was born in the nation’s capital. Despite the setbacks, he took his case to the Federal Court of Appeal this week, on the hope that, finally, his identity will be recognized.

Budlakoti was born in Ottawa in October of 1989 to parents who arrived from India four years earlier to work for the Indian High Commission.

Everything looked good on paper: he was issued a birth certificate and a Canadian passport. As far as he and his family were concerned, there was no doubt that he was a Canadian citizen, just like everyone else born in Canada.

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