Solidarity Across Borders Supports Deepan

Sab-Banner-croppedSolidarity Across Borders stands in solidarity with Deepan Budlakoti as he struggles for full status and respect in his homeland, Canada. …  Deepan Budlakoti’s struggle highlights in an extreme way the injustices of double punishment . ... The policy of double punishment is at the intersection of two violent systems in Canada: prisons and borders, a violent reality that Deepan knows all too well. People of color and poor people are first criminalized by the police and prison system, then they are then thrown out of the country if they do not have full status, forced to leave behind their families and communities. They are seen as disposable and undesirable in the eyes of the capitalist Canadian immigration system. … The fact that Deepan was born in Canada and grew up with a Canadian passport adds another layer to the injustice of double punishment. Deepan’s case is setting a worrying precedent in the context of recently proposed changes to citizenship laws in Canada. However, this is not a new or an isolated trend. The fact is, migrants and people of color have been and will continue to be targeted by racist immigration laws, and new immigration reforms and proposed citizenship reforms are just one terrifying realization of this targetting.  …”

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