Resisting Dispossession and Deportation in Canada

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Workshop at Left Forum 2014
Sunday, 1 June at 10am, room 1.81
540 West 59 Street, New York

moderated by Eloy Rivas
with Mostafa Henaway, Tings Chak, Noé Arteagas, Yavar Hameed, and Samir Shaheen-Hussain

In response to the crisis of capitalism, the Canadian state has been implementing a set of austerity measures which have led to the gradual emergence of despotic forms of capital accumulation, as well as to the dispossession of vast sectors of the population from rights, social security, and public goods. In this context, temporary and ‘illegal’ migrant workers have been the most affected. In addition to being pushed into the most unstable, dangerous, and exploitative jobs, they have also been subjected to violent policies of exclusion, surveillance, and deportation. In response to this trend, a network of anti-systemic movements in several Canadian cities has emerged from below. They have been contesting the dispossession and deportation of the migrant workers by using strategies that are both revolutionary and reformist. In this panel, migrant workers, alumni of the Zapatista Little School, and organic intellectuals of the Canadian working class, describe the nature of their joint struggle, and reflect on its scopes and limitations in the light of the revolution/reform debate.