Deep in Deepan – Deportation of a Canadian

20150526_090042Jeannette Tossounian, Our News This Week, 26 May 2015

Will Canada now strip our citizenship and deport us back to our parents’ countries?

If the Supreme Court decides to do just that to Canadian born Deepan Budlakoti, then it may be setting a precedence allowing the government to strip the citizenship of any Canadian born citizen and send them back to their parents’ place of origin.

Budlakoti, who was born in Canada and has held two Canadian passports, was surprised to find out that he was not considered a Canadian citizen after a criminal conviction when he was 21. Now facing deportation to India, the country where his parents were originally from before becoming Canadian citizens themselves, he is left stateless.  Deepan is in deep with no country, as neither India or Canada will recognize him as a citizen. He has no access to health care, proper employment or other benefits enjoyed by Canadians.

“What the government is doing to me essentially I feel is completely unjust,” says Budlakoti.  “I’m born and raised here, I’ve lived here my entire life, yet I have to live with all these legal battles, tremendous stress, costly just because the government said they made an error and 21 years later I’m the one at fault even though the onus should fall on the governments’ side.”

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