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Born in Canada, barred from working and access to basic social services

Citizenship and Immigration Canada puts a hold on work permit for Deepan Budlakoti, forced to live in a situation of indefinite detention

22 August 2013, Ottawa – This week, Yavar Hameed, one of the lawyers acting for Deepan Budlakoti, filed a Mandamus application in Federal Court, requesting that Citizenship and Immigration Canada render a decision on his request for a work permit within its own regularly stipulated timeframe. For an unknown reason, Citizenship and Immigration has put a hold on the work permit as of July 3, 2013.

This means that Deepan is effectively barred from working in Canada, despite having worked before and even having owned his own small construction business. He is also prevented from accessing basic services including health care, which he now has to pay for out of pocket, despite having been born in and having lived in Canada his entire life.

Says Deepan, “It’s really unfair – I’ve lived here my whole life and all of a sudden I’m not allowed to work, I can’t see a doctor – even volunteering is almost impossible.

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Un Canadien lance une contestation en vertu de la charte afin d’empecher son expulsion vers la terre natale de ses parents

Ottawa, le 16 octobre 2013 – Deepan Budlakoti, un Canadien faisant face à un ordre de renvoi vers le pays d’origine de ses parents, a demandé à la Cour fédérale de déclarer qu’il est un citoyen. La demande faite par M. Budlakoti à la Cour fédérale en vertu de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés indique que le gouvernement fédéral, par le traitement qu’il lui a fait subir, a violé le droit international ainsi que plusieurs de ses droits garantis par la Charte. Sa demande indique aussi que le gouvernement a agi de mauvaise foi, a induit le public en erreur et a intentionnellement dissimulé des informations à ce travailleur de la construction âgé de 23 ans. (Lire la demande ici.)

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