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Deepan Budlakoti and the Dismantling of Citizenship

Join Justice For Deepan Budlakoti at the Peoples Social Forum – Forum social des peuples for a panel discussion with:

  • Deepan Budlakoti, stateless in the country he was born in
  • Stacy Douglas, Justice For Deepan Support Committee and a professor in law
  • Yavar Hameed, part of Deepan’s legal team specializes in the protection and advocacy of human rights and civil Liberties

The panel will be held on Thursday, August 21 at 10:45am in the Fauteux building, Room 133 on the University of Ottawa campus.

The room is wheelchair accessible. For other accessibility needs (whisper translation, childcare, transcription, etc), please contact

Help us spread the word! If you have friends and comrades that are attending the PSF, please invite them to this event. We want to see all of you!

Federal Court Showdown: Justice for Deepan vs. Citizenship and Immigration Canada!

0Pack the Court house!

Bring your bodies and voices to show your support for this crucial moment in Deepan’s case. After over a year of living in precarious, stateless limbo, pending deportation, Deepan finally has a date for this landmark Federal Court hearing.

When? Monday, June 16th, 2014 Demo: 8:30am Hearing: 9:30am
Where? 301 Wellington St. (Supreme Court Building, West Courtroom). Ottawa, Unceded Algonqiun Terrritory

What does this mean?

After months of preparation, Deepan’s legal team will argue that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has breached Deepan’s constitutional rights by making him stateless. If successful, the Federal Court of Canada will force Citizenship and Immigration Canada to restore Deepan’s citizenship.

We need your support!

With over 1,000 individuals across multiple borders, countless unions, grassroots groups, civil liberty and non-profit organizations backing Deepan and his struggle for justice, let’s pack the courthouse and demonstrate the magnitude of support that exists for him and his struggle for justice!

Can’t come for the full hearing? Show up at 8:30 for a press scrum, in opportunity to show and voice your support. Bring signs in support of Deepan!

Coming from a different city? Contact or call us at: 613.265.1364 to coordinate rides.

We hope to see you there!

In solidarity,

Justice for Deepan Support Committee

Advisory. Deepan Budlakoti Takes Fight to Reclaim Citizenship to Federal Court on Monday

(Le français suit)

Ottawa, Algonquin Territory, 12 June 2014 – Deepan Budlakoti’s charter challenge to reclaim his citizenship will be heard at 9:30 Monday morning. If successful, the motion will force the Canadian government to admit that their actions violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and cost Budlakoti undue hardship. It would also force the government to recognize Budlakoti as a Canadian citizen.

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Resisting Dispossession and Deportation in Canada

left fourm 1

Workshop at Left Forum 2014
Sunday, 1 June at 10am, room 1.81
540 West 59 Street, New York

moderated by Eloy Rivas
with Mostafa Henaway, Tings Chak, Noé Arteagas, Yavar Hameed, and Samir Shaheen-Hussain

In response to the crisis of capitalism, the Canadian state has been implementing a set of austerity measures which have led to the gradual emergence of despotic forms of capital accumulation, as well as to the dispossession of vast sectors of the population from rights, social security, and public goods. In this context, temporary and ‘illegal’ migrant workers have been the most affected. In addition to being pushed into the most unstable, dangerous, and exploitative jobs, they have also been subjected to violent policies of exclusion, surveillance, and deportation. In response to this trend, a network of anti-systemic movements in several Canadian cities has emerged from below. They have been contesting the dispossession and deportation of the migrant workers by using strategies that are both revolutionary and reformist. In this panel, migrant workers, alumni of the Zapatista Little School, and organic intellectuals of the Canadian working class, describe the nature of their joint struggle, and reflect on its scopes and limitations in the light of the revolution/reform debate.

May Day !

MayDayDear Friends and Allies,

Today is May Day!  Join the migrant justice contingent in Ottawa along with No One is Illegal and Justice for Deepan and march with us! Organized by Solidarity against Austerity, join our allies in fighting back against the austerity agenda.  Where?  McNabb Park (Gladstone & Bronson), 4pm gathering, 5pm march.

We express our deep gratitude to all our allies in the Labour movement who have and continue to provide their resources, time and energy and express their solidarity in many ways with Deepan and his struggle against double punishment.

As we celebrate the labour movement and reflect on the toil and struggles of our comrades, we reflect on the countless brothers and sisters who live and work within our borders without status.  Like Deepan, contributing countless of hours in sweat and labour within our border, they are told they cannot stay and have no right to health care, social services, and the many other institutions accessed by the wider community.

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Statelessness & Deportation: Deepan Budlakoti Speaks

notforprofit.comWednesday, 14 May 2014, 7pm
YWCA Hotel, 733 Beatty Street, Vancouver

Hosted by BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA)

For years, Deepan Budlakoti has been fighting deportation. This isn’t just a simple deportation case, it’s complicated by the fact that Deepan was born and raised in Canada – the only home he’s ever known. He spent his life under the assumption that he is a Canadian citizen, but the Canadian government is attempting to revoke his citizenship and deport him to his parents’ native India arguing that his Canadian birth certificate and passport were issued “in error.”

As he waits for a federal court date and a response from the UN on his legal status, Deepan is telling his story of fighting deportation and statelessness as he comes to Vancouver at our invitation. Join us, along with Justice for Deepan and No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Unceded Coast Salish Territories in hearing Deepan tell his extraordinary story.

The event will be held May 14th, 2014, 7 PM at the YWCA Hotel (733 Beatty Street, Vancouver).


Accessibility: This building has about 10 stairs to the front entrance and a side ramp to the front entrance. The room is on the ground level with double doors. There are two wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

Spring Shakedown: A pinhey dance party

Saturday, 10 May, 9pm
22 Pinhey St., Ottawa, ON

Come join us in celebrating at 22 Pinhey. We’ll be dusting off the dance floor from the long winter for this party! The newly certified Dr. Louis will be handing out #turnup prescriptions because now he’s a doctor for real.

This will also be a fundraiser for Justice for Deepan Budlakoti for Dee’s legal costs. We will be selling beer/wine/mixed drinks/non-alcoholic drinks as a way of raising money for Deepan but we’ll only accept cash so be sure to stock up before you come!

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Nation-wide banner drops in support of Deepan Budlakoti

Call on government to restore Deepan’s citizenship ahead of the Charter challenge


On Wednesday 9 April, 2014, in a strong demonstration of nation-wide solidarity, over 10 cities from coast to coast dropped banners in support of Deepan Budlakoti and his fight to have his citizenship restored. Communities from Ottawa, to Kingston, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, St. Catherines, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Vancouver, dropped banners in solidarity with the Justice for Deepan campaign.

In May 2010, Deepan Budlakoti, a construction worker born in Ottawa, Canada, was informed by the government that his passport was issued to him in error.

“Although Deepan was born in Ottawa and has lived here his entire life, the government is trying to deport him to India”, said Lena McFarlane a member of the Justice for Deepan Support Committee. “Deepan has been rendered stateless by his own government – the government of Canada. She added, “the government’s actions are outrageous and inexcusable.”

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PHOTO ALBUM: National Banner-Drop Day

On April 9th, supporters of Deepan from Vancouver to Halifax dropped banners to support status for Deepan. Read press release here.


Ottawa. In Deepan Budlakoti’s hometown, Ottawa, concerned allies and friends of Deepan leafleted outside the Rideau Centre and unfurled a banner on the Mackenzie King bridge facing south bound traffic on Colonel By.  Support for Deepan and the struggle to reclaim citizenship, has been growing and gaining momentum in the community since the campaign began last year.



Banner Drop - CN Tower - 9 April 2014

Toronto. On the morning of April 9, 2014, members of No One Is Illegal – Toronto drop a banner over the Gardiner Expressway, demanding justice for Deepan and a stop to all deportations. The banner drop was one of many throughout Canada.


London. London says NO to the deportation of DeepanBudlakoti. Our banner drop is on the north side of the Wellington/York bridge. We believe the conditions enforced on Deepan are unjust and racist. This is violence enacted by the state. We demand that his citizenship be restored so that he can return to a life without fear or discrimination. We demand for his safety and his right to live his life. London is in solidarity with Deepan – NO MORE DEPORTATIONS.


York. OPIRG York is supporting the Justice for Deepan Campaign to end double punishment, stop Deepan’s Deportation and restore his citizenship. We acknowledge that citizenship is a flawed system that grants privileges to a select few and is a part of racist immigration and border policies designed to exploit and marginalize migrants, as well as denies the rights of Indigenous peoples, whose land we occupy and Canada continues to displace. OPIRG York stands in solidarity with Deepan’s struggle!


Montréal. Members of Solidarity Across Borders dropped a banner in support of our friend and comrade Deepan Budlakoti during morning rush hour over Berri street in downtown Montreal.



2014-04-09 08.26.54

Kitchener-Waterloo. In Kitchener, the Citizenship and Immigration Offices, located on Duke St W. seemed like a good spot to show our support for Deepan, and help raise awareness about his plight. The sign we placed in front of the building on Duke st has plenty of foot traffic, and car traffic. People started noticing the sign immediately. Being born in Canada, but facing deportation adds another level of injustice to an already racist and flawed citizenship and immigration policy. We call for an end to Deepan’s double punishment and a full restoration of his Canadian Citizenship. Justice for Deepan – Kitchener.


St. Catharines. In St. Catharines 5 of us demonstrated in front of MP, Rick Dykstra’s office – former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. We demonstrated for a couple of hours, handing out postcards, stickers, and flyers letting people know about Deepan’s story. The cops were called on us once we stepped foot on their ‘private’ property, but after demonstrating we went into the office, where we were told Rick was in Ottawa and didn’t have an opinion on deportations and Deepan’s case – although they were familiar with it because they called him a convicted criminal. Deepan was generous enough to join some of us at the “Say No to Racism” conference at Brock University recently and we stand in solidarity with him and all others facing injustice from Canadian settler society. No one is illegal!


Guelph. Guelph mobilizers drop banner in solidarity with Deepan Budlakoti’s struggle against a racist and anti migrant Canadian state. We act against the injustice of the double punishment being faced by Deepan and the prisons and borders targeting racialized and lower income individuals all over Canada. We mobilize in solidarity with Deepan as he fights for the return of his full Canadian status.


Halifax. Halifax stands in solidarity with Deepan, calling for justice in his case and denouncing the double punishment he is currently facing.  His potential deportation to a country in which he’s never lived in is an attack on citizens and immigrants from coast to coast!




Vancouver. No One Is Illegal, Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories stands in solidarity with Deepan Budlakotin in his struggle for status and dignity. We fight alongside all migrant communities in resisting racist immigration policies and systems that exploit and dehumanize migrants. End to double punishment! Stop the deportations! Status for all!


Deepan Budlakoti: Statelessness and Citizenship

yavar and deep2014 Colloquium of Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA)


Thursday, March 27th, 2014, 12 to 2pm
2017 Dunton Tower, Carleton University, Ottawa

**Light Refreshments to be Served

Deepan Budlakoti: Currently fighting deportation
Yavar Hameed: Lawyer for Mr. Budlakoti
Sukanya Pillay: General Counsel, CCLA
Stacy Douglas: Professor of Law, Carleton University

Moderator: Rebecca Schein, Professor of Human Rights, Carleton University

More information: | 416-363-0321 |

Sponsored  by:
Department of Law and Legal Studies
The Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies
Department of Sociology and Anthropology