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Rassemblement et audience pour Deepan à Montréal ! // Rally and Hearing for Deepan in Montreal!

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Lundi, 13 juillet, à 8h
Commission de l’immigration et du statut de réfugié du Canada
Complexe Guy Favreau (200 boul. René-Lévesque), Montréal

Deepan Budlakoti, notre camarade et ami, sera bientôt à Montréal pour contester ses conditions de libération devant la Commission de l’immigration et du statut de réfugié du Canada. Deepan a reçu un ordre de déportation vers l’Inde, le pays de naissance de ses parents. Il a passé des mois en détention de l’immigration et a été libéré sous des conditions qui limitent ses libertés. Parce que l’Inde ne le reconnaît pas comme un citoyen et qu’il refuse sa déportation, Deepan est sous ces conditions indéfiniment, sans en voir la fin.

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Deepan Crowdfunding Appeal and Court Date / Campagne de socio-financement pour Deepan et apparition en cour

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Justice for Deepan is sending out a fundraising appeal to help raise legal funds to fight Harper in Court.


Deepan is stuck in a legal fight for his survival and the government isn’t backing down.

Your donation will go a long way to help us continue this fight. Any amount is useful and appreciated.

If you are in Ottawa, also please note that Deepan is appearing before the Federal Court of Appeal on May 26th and needs bodies to support him between 8:30 am and 12:30pm.

For details & fb event, click here.

Please help us spread this as widely as possible. This decision is very important for Deepan and your support is extremely valuable.

Any and all contributions are welcome.

Justice for Deepan Team


Justice pour Deepan a lancé un appel pour des dons afin d’amasser du financement pour ses frais légaux afin de faire face à Harper en cour.


Deepan est pris dans une lutte devant les tribunaux pour sa survie et le gouvernement ne recule pas.

Votre don sera très utile pour continuer cette lutte. Tout montant sera utile et apprécié.

Si vous êtes à Ottawa, prenez note que Deepan sera devant la Cour fédérale d’appel le 26 mai et qu’il a besoin de gens présents pour appuyer sa démarche entre 8h30 et 12h30.

Pour les détails et l’évenement fb, cliquez ici.

Aidez-nous à partager cet appel le plus largement possible. La décision est très importante pour Deepan et votre appui est très précieux.

Toute contribution est acceptée et appréciée, peu importe le montant.

L’équipe Justice pour Deepan

May Day Statement

Dear Friends and Allies,

On May 1st, May Day, join our allies at the Solidarity against Austerity march.

Where?                 Human Rights Monument, Ottawa Ontario (Elgin and & Lisgar) 

When?                    4pm gathering & 5pm march.

We express our deep gratitude to our allies in the Labour movement who have and continue to provide solidarity and support in many ways with Deepan Budlakoti and his struggle against double punishment.

As we celebrate the 129th year of the origins of May Day, and the contributions the labour movement has made to promote a decent work agenda, equality and justice for all, we recognize the continued struggle of countless sisters and brothers who live and work within our borders without status or with temporary status.  Like Deepan, they contribute countless work hours often in precarious jobs.  Tens of thousands each year are told, although their labour is welcome, they and families left behind, cannot make Canada their home.  They typically have no or limited access to health care or other social services for which their meager wages contribute to supporting.   On May Day around the world, workers are rallying up against such injustice.

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The Right to Have Rights

Event March Event 12 2015Statelessness, Citizenship and Belonging

download posters as pdfs: English; French.

Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 6pm
Carleton University, Dunton Tower, #2017

Tickets: 10$ (students), 20$ (community members). Available online here.

Refreshments will be served.

Speakers: Daiva Stasiulis (Professor of Sociology, Carleton University); Alex Neve (Secretary General, Amnesty International); Yavar Hameed (Human Rights and Constitutional Lawyer).

This Event is Moderated by: Dr. Monia Mazigh (a human rights and social justice activist who is best known for her efforts to free her husband Mahar Arar from a Syrian prison)

Sponsored by: NUPGE, CCLA, Amnesty International, Opirg Carleton, GRIP Ottawa U, Carl, CPEP, CUPE National, CUPE 4600, CUPW, UNIFOR, PSAC.

Pack the courtroom! Deepan Health Hearing

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 at 1:45pm
170 Laurier Street West, Ottawa, Ontario


As you may have heard, Deepan was forced to buy private health insurance to obtain health coverage. However, he is challenging the Ontario government for refusing to provide him with a health card and access to basic medical services that everyone in Canada should be able to access.

One of the many hoops Deepan must go through to challenge the provincial government’s decision is a constitutional hearing in front of the Health Services Appeal and Review Board where Deepan will argue that his Charter rights have been infringed.

The Justice for Deepan committee is asking for as many supporters as possible to observe and show their support during this part of the adjudication process. Please come out and help us pack the court!

Meet in the main lobby of 170 Laurier (room still unknown) at 1:45. Hearing starts at 2pm. Someone will be downstairs for a while to let people know which room it is in.

Documentary will premiere February 10th at York University in Toronto. Details to come.

An evening with Barbara Jackman: who is Canadian? // Une soirée avec l’avocat Barbara Jackman: Qui est Canadien?

Are we Canadian?

Are we Canadian?

(français en dessous)



Justice For Deepan Fundraiser

Tuesday, October 28th, 7pm
Simard (SMD) 430, 60 University Private, University of Ottawa

Tickets $20. Tickets can be bought here.

Download poster here.

Who is Canadian? How do we know we’re Canadian? How do laws shape who is and who is not Canadian? While Canada’s laws have always policed whose lives count more, newly emerging amendments to Canada’s Citizenship Act under Bill C¬24 will make citizenship for naturalized Canadians dramatically more insecure and contingent. Leading expert in Canadian immigration and national security law, Barbara Jackman, will discuss the political and ideological landscape that has given rise to the most recent definition of citizenship and the serious legal problems it raises for current and future Canadians.

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