Amnesty International Letter in Support of Deepan Budlakoti

indexAlex Neve, Amnesty International Canada, 3 October 2013 “… Minister we urge you to take action to ensure that Canada is in full compliance with its obligations regarding the human rights of stateless people in this case. The fact that Mr. Budlakoti has a criminal record (for which he has served any sentences he received) cannot, of course, become an excuse or motivation for failing to live up to those obligations. That is doubly so in a case such as Mr. Budlakoti’s; the fact that he has a criminal record must be considered alongside the fact that he has lived in Canada his entire life.

In particular we call on you to take one or both of the following steps and to do so expeditiously:
– initiate a fair and independent review of the disputed conclusion that Mr. Budlakoti was not entitled to Canadian citizenship when he was born because the Canadian government is of the view that they had diplomatic status at that time; and/or
– recognition or restoration of his Canadian citizenship, since it appears clear that he is not recognized as an Indian national and has no rights to citizenship in a third country.”

Download full letter: Amnesty for Deepan Oct 2013.