A battle for lost citizenship: Centretown’s newest neighbour is stateless and fighting to stay

This winter, Deepan Budlakoti moved into his new home in Centretown. The 24-year-old, Ottawa-born construction worker was stripped of his citizenship by the Canadian government in 2011. He is now a stateless person pitted in an incredible battle against the Canadian government over his entitlement to citizenship.

The government is attempting to deport him to his parents’ homeland, India, a country where he has never lived and which has explicitly stated that he does not have citizenship.

Budlakoti’s parents are Canadian citizens. So is his brother. Yet Budlakoti is now living in stateless limbo.

Born at Grace Hospital on October 17, 1989, he was issued an Ontario birth certificate at the time of his birth and, later, even issued a Canadian passport, which the government now states was issued to him in error.