An evening with Barbara Jackman: who is Canadian? // Une soirée avec l’avocat Barbara Jackman: Qui est Canadien?

Are we Canadian?

Are we Canadian?

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Justice For Deepan Fundraiser

Tuesday, October 28th, 7pm
Simard (SMD) 430, 60 University Private, University of Ottawa

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Who is Canadian? How do we know we’re Canadian? How do laws shape who is and who is not Canadian? While Canada’s laws have always policed whose lives count more, newly emerging amendments to Canada’s Citizenship Act under Bill C¬24 will make citizenship for naturalized Canadians dramatically more insecure and contingent. Leading expert in Canadian immigration and national security law, Barbara Jackman, will discuss the political and ideological landscape that has given rise to the most recent definition of citizenship and the serious legal problems it raises for current and future Canadians.

Barbara Jackman is a prominent Canadian lawyer specializing in immigration and refugee law. Ms. Jackman practices law with Jackman, Waldman & Associates in Toronto where she has developed a reputation as one of Canada’s most effective advocates of refugee rights.

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us at if you wish to attend but cannot afford the ticket.


une levée de fonds pour Deepan

mardi le 28 octobre à 19h
Simard (SMD) 430, 60 University Private, University of Ottawa

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Qui est Canadien? Comment nous saurions si nous sommes Canadien ? Comment les lois détermine qui est Canadien et qui ne l’est pas? Bien que les lois au Canada ont toujours policé les vies des personnes qui compte le plus, les nouvelles modifications émergentes relatives à la Loi sur la citoyenneté Canadienne en vertu du projet de loi C-24, mettra les Canadiens naturalisés dans une situation dramatiquement précaire et conditionnelle. Experte de premier plan en matière d’immigration canadienne et le droit à la sécurité nationale, Barbara Jackman, discutera le paysage politique et idéologique qui a donné lieu à cette définition récente de la citoyenneté et les graves problèmes juridiques qu’elle soulève pour les Canadiens actuels et futurs.

Barbara Jackman est une avocate canadienne de renommé, spécialisée dans le droit d’immigration et des réfugiés. Mme. Jackman pratique le droit à la firme Jackman, Waldman et Associés à Toronto où elle a développé la réputation de l’une des avocates les plus efficace au Canada quand il s’agit des droit des réfugiés

Personne sera refusé pour manque d’argent. Svp veuillez nous contacter au si vous voulez y assister mais ne peut pas payer.

Immigration Reform Allows Canada to Strip Citizenship

Deepan Budlakoti at MP Pierre Poilievre's office in August 2013 to request a meeting. (Photo courtesy of the "Justice for Deepan" collective)Free Speech Radio News, October 1, 2014

A new law in Canada makes it possible for Canadian authorities to strip citizenship as a result of criminal activity. The first such case, in which a Canadian born-man’s citizenship is in question, is currently in court and may set an important legal precedent. Erin Hudson has the details from Toronto.

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The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act – also known as Bill C-24 – became law in June amid widespread criticism from Canadian civil rights organizations. Supporters of the legislation say it streamlines the naturalization process and will greatly reduce the backlog of pending cases. Critics point out it gives the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration discretionary power to strip citizenship from Canadians convicted of certain criminal offenses.

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CUPE supports Deepan Budlakoti

“On behalf of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), we write to you to express our concern regarding the case of Deepan Budlakoti, a citizen of Canada and member of our community in Ottawa. It has been brough to our attention that Mr. Budlakoti has been rendered stateless by the Canadian Government and we urge you to restore his Canadian citizenship without delay. [...]” – Paul Moist, National President, and Charles Fleury, National Secretary-Treasurer, 25 September 2014

Download complete CUPE letter to Minister Alexander.

Canada’s failed responsibility to Deepan Budlakoti

Stacy Douglas,, 24 September 2014

On Tuesday September 9, the Federal Court released its decision in the case of Deepan Budlakoti, an Ottawa-born man fighting to regain the citizenship he lost four years ago. Justice Phelan refused to declare Budlakoti a citizen — noting that such action is a matter for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration –and ruled that Budlakoti’s rights under section 6 and 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have not been infringed.

The decision means that Budlakoti will continue to live under the authority of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). He is now left in legal limbo, effectively stateless and eternally incarcerated. Yet he was born in Canada, holds an Ontario birth certificate, a Canadian passport and has no other nationality.

Central to Phelan’s decision is the question of whether Budlakoti’s parents were employed by the Indian High Commissioner in Ottawa at the time of his birth. Section 3 of the Citizenship Act states that children of diplomats and other foreign officials born on Canadian soil are not considered citizens of this country.

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Made Stateless by Canada – The Ongoing Saga of Deepan Budlakoti

Dan Kellar, 12 September 2014, #DailyGRRR!, 100.3 CKMS reposted on

Here is an interview from the September 12th edition of the Daily GRRR! with Deepan Budlakoti, an Ottawa-born man whose citizenship was unilaterally revoked by the Harper government, a move that was recently upheld by a federal judge. Deepan will be appealing the decision that renders him stateless.

We speak about his situation, the Harper government’s attack on people of colour, and more.

To listen to the interview, click here. The tune at the end of the track is from Alas and Savage Fam –  a track entitled Go Away.

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Exile is Not a Canadian Value

11 September, Canadian Labour Congress

The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says it’s time for the Minister of Immigration to intervene in the plight of a Canadian-born man facing life as a stateless person.

Born to Indian diplomats in 1989, Deepan Budlakoti has lived his entire life in Canada. He’s got the Ontario birth certificate to prove it and has twice been issued a Canadian passport. Despite this, he now faces having his citizenship stripped away and deportation to India – a country in which he has never lived and which does not recognize him as an Indian national.

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Ottawa born man still fighting deportation order

Deepan BudlakotiMatt Harris, 1310 News, 10 September 2014

OTTAWA — A man born in Ottawa has faced another setback in his bid to fight a deportation order.

The federal government claimed Deepan Budlakoti’s parents worked for the Indian High Commission when he was born in Ottawa, and therefore he is not a Canadian citizen.

Budlakoti claims his parents stopped working as diplomats in June 1989 and were working for a Canadian doctor when he was born in October of the same year, making him Canadian.

The 24-year-old was convicted of weapons charges in 2011, beginning the deportation process.

Federal Court Justice Michael Phelan ruled Tuesday against Budlakoti.

He told 1310News he was issued a Canadian passport and an Ontario birth certificate and paid taxes.

“They acknowledged the fact I was a citizen for 21 years” said Budlakoti, “After 21 years they said I’m not a citizen.”

He says India has declared he is not a citizen of that country, and he is now stateless.

He has 30 days to file an appeal which he says will be done, adding he feels confident moving forward.