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On April 1, Alex Neve with the University of Ottawa, Senator Kim Pate, and Deepan Budlakoti took part in a panel calling upon the Government of Canada to restore Deepan’s Canadian citizenship expeditiously and to ensure that Canada acts in full compliance with its national and international obligations. Watch the full panel above.

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You are invited to attend a virtual panel discussion focusing on Deepan Budlakoti, who was born and raised in Canada but has been stateless for over 10 years and held at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre for over 4 years. Deepan has spent a great number of years in legal limbo as a stateless person with no rights in his own country.

Join us on Friday April 1st 2022 from 2PM-3:30PM EST on Zoom.

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Panelists will include Alex Neve, Senior Fellow with the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and Kim Pate, Independent Senator for Ontario.

We call upon the Government of Canada to restore Deepan’s Canadian citizenship expeditiously and to ensure that Canada acts in full compliance with its national and international obligations.

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The Injustice of Statelessness

Patti Tamara Lenard, from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, recently published an analysis of Deepan’s case for the Centre for International Policy Studies. Lenard comments on the unjust situation Deepan finds himself in. From the article:

In demanding that Budlakoti applies for Indian citizenship and, if denied, re-apply for Canadian citizenship, Canada perpetuates statelessness in contravention of international law. It is heaping additional punishment on a young man who made mistakes, denying him the opportunity to press on with his life after having paid the penalty for them.  And it is failing to live up to the democratic principles central to Canada’s success, including a commitment to the rule of law, equal treatment, and political inclusion. Canada can and should re-instate Budlakoti’s citizenship.

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UN rules that Canada is obligated to review Deepan’s case

Under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of which Canada is a signatory, the UN Human Rights office has ruled that Canada must “review the author’s case, taking into account [Canada’s] obligations under the Covenant”. In addition, the UN decision also requests that Canada must “refrain from expelling [Deepan] while his case is being reconsidered”. In reviewing the case, the UN establishes that Canada is indeed Deepan’s “own country” and that deportation to India would be a violation of the principles that Canada signed onto under the Covenant. Read more of the decision here.

Deepan’s case gets attention in Europe

Journal article on Deepan Budlakoti’s case: ”The Extraordinary Statelessness of Deepan Budlakoti: The Erosion of Canadian Citizenship Through Citizenship Deprivation” by sociologist Daiva Stasiulis has been posted on the website of the European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship, a network composed by european lawyers and and political scientists experts working on citizenship, and increasingly on citizenship deprivation. Visit the website here.

Rassemblement et audience pour homme menacé de déportation, Deepan Budlakoti

CKUT 90.3FM, 20 July 2015

Écouter l’interview avec Emma Noradounkian, cliquez ici.

Le 13 juillet, un rassemblement et audience a eu lieu devant la Commission de l’immigration et du statut de réfugié du Canada pour Deepan Budlakoti, un jeune homme apatride né à Ottawa de parents Indiens qui travaillaient au haut-commissariat de l’Inde à Ottawa. Il y a quatre ans, après avoir été condamné pour trafic d’armes et de drogues,  le gouvernment Canadien a retiré la résidence permanente de Deepan, sous le prétexte qu’un individu né de parents avec des passeports diplomatiques, selon la loi, ne reçoit pas automatiquement sa citoyenneté. Selon Deepan, ces parents ne travaillaient plus pour l’Inde lorsqu’il est né.

Malgré n’avoir j’amais vécu en Inde, il risque se faire déporter en Inde par le gouvernement Canadien. Deepan refuse sa déportation et l’Inde refuse de lui donner une citoyenneté. Il se trouve alors dans une situation précaire, étant présentement un citoyen d’aucun pays.

Emma Noradounkian, membre du collectif d’actualités de CKUT, a discuté avec le porte-parole francophone de Deepan, Daniel Cayley-Daoust,  pour en apprendre plus sur la situation présente de Deepan et sur le rassemblement.

Immigration board eases conditions on Ottawa-born stateless man

Alison Sandor, CFRA News Talk Radio, 17 July 2015

A small win for an Ottawa-born man the government is trying to deport to India.

The Immigration and Refugee Board has relaxed some of Deepan Budlakoti’s strict conditions, including the requirement to keep the peace and the frequency of signing in with the Canadian Border Service Agency.

Budlakoti was born here to Indian nationals who held diplomatic passports. The 25-year-old’s Canadian passport was revoked when he was convicted on drugs and firearms charges in 2010. Budlakoti spent nearly four months in immigration detention back in 2013 before being released on strict conditions. The initial conditions were eased in 2014.

“It is a small step in the right direction,” said Budlakoti in a release. “But, I was hoping to get all my conditions removed. These conditions are imposed in violation of my Charter rights. I will be looking into further legal options.”

Budlakoti remains under a bond and will still have to sign in every six months with the CBSA and notify it of changes of address. He will also have to notify the CBSA within 48 hours should any criminal charges be laid against him.

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